Pumpkin Images Clip Art

I made few pumpkin images clip art, these two are scary pumpkins or Jack-o-Lanterns. You can download them here or at Openclipart, where this same clip art is available as .png and .svg format.

Pumpkin images clip art, orangePumpkin images clip art, red

Pumpkins are public domain and you can use them in your drawings and other designs for free.

Public Domain CC0


Pippi Longstocking hair

Pippi Longstocking, black and white

I found this Pippi Longstocking picture on Wikimedia Commons. I changed it a little bit, colored it and added different color of Pippi Longstocking hair – from light orange to red.

Original picture was drawn by Mysid (Public Domain License). My pictures are in Public Domain too.

Pippi Longstocking hair, orange

Pippi Longstocking hair, orange and red

Pippi Longstocking hair

Pippi Longstocking hair, red

Public Domain CC0

Alamosaurus dinosaur clip art

Today I made dinosaur clip art – dinosaur picture can be found at Wikimedia Commons (public domain).

I traced it with Inkscape and add some color. So, what do you think?

Dinosaur Alamosaurus clip art, coloring page

Dinosaur Alamosaurus clip art

Public Domain CC0

Free Baby Clipart Images

There are a lot of free baby clipart images online and this is just one of them. It’s derived from LinuxBabies by TomBrough and the original can be found on Openclipart.

I changed the color of babies’ outfits to baby blue and baby pink and changed the shape of face a little bit, I made it more rounder.

Baby boy and baby girl
Public Domain CC0

Free Witch clip art

Here is a Public Domain clip art, little witch from Openclipart. I changed color of her hair to orange and if you like her, you can download it.

Free Witch clip art

Public Domain CC0